Billed as the top choice for Worldwide Investors there really is a lot to like about Magnum Options, having become one of the mainstay Binary Options Brokers they are the number one destination for both casual and experienced traders looking for a Broker that offers the entire package.

However, if you are trader who is looking for a Broker that permits you to place any type of trade you can think of and a Broker that has plenty of both deposit and withdrawal options to allow you to be able to move funds into and out of your trading account in a hassle free and speedy way, then we invite you to carry on reading for Magnum Options is a Broker you do need to join.

Benefits of Trading at Magnum Options

One of the main benefits of becoming a trader at Magnum Options is that their trading platform has been designed to appeal to both first time traders and those traders who are well versed in the online trading environment.

They offer both a web based trading platform along with a highly advanced mobile trading platform and as such no matter where you are In the United States are going to be able to instantly place any type of Binary Options trade instantly and without any delays,.

You are going to be able to set your trading account in US Dollars and as such you are not going to be forced to pay any type of Forex fees or commission when you make a deposit or a withdrawal to or from your trading account, and as mentioned as soon as you request a withdrawal they will process it and send it back to you rapidly.

If you require any help or assistance on any aspect of using the Magnum Options trading platforms then you are able to get in touch with the customer support team at any time of the night or day, they have customer support agents on duty 24/7 and they really go that extra mile to ensure you get answered any and all questions you may have!

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Trading Opportunities at Magnum Options

In addition to all of the many different types of Binary Options trades you can place at Magnum Options, you are also going to be able to pair up any two worldwide currencies for Magnum Options is also a great place to place any type of Forex related trades you are interested in placing online.

In regards to just how many different Binary Options trades you can place here the sky really is the limit for you will find they offer around the clock Call and Put Options, and they also have their own unique range of Options Builders, One Touch and 60 Second trading options are also available.

In fact if you have never placed a trade before in your life, but are seriously interested in becoming a Binary Options trader, then Magnum Options invites you to make full use of their demo trading platform.

By signing up as a new trader you are going to be given unlimited access to their no risk demo Binary Options trading platform on which you can place all manner of Binary Options trades in a no risk environment, that will be the perfect way of you to fully master placing trades on their state of the art mobile trading or online web based trading platform!

If you do wish to open up a real money trading account you can switch over from your demo account to a real money account instantly, and as they cater for both low volume and very high volume traders you are going to find that they have several different account types all of which offer a range of additional extras.

With that in mind please do have a look over at their website, for by doing so you will find full details of all of their account types and will find out additional information on what they have to offer you by way of ongoing promotional offers, which will allow you to get the maximum value from your trading budget!